Tech The Halls Georgia Tech
Help Give Back To Atlanta's Underprivileged Youth Community

Meet the team that makes it all happen

Our executive board strives to make Tech The Halls a better experience for everyone involved than the one the year before. They make sure that the event works seemlessly. From recruiting mentors to contacting companies for sponsorships and absolutely everything in between, our executive board makes it all happen.

Our Team

Tech The Halls President Soheil Faghihi

Sydney Webb

Caroline Harvey
Executive Vice President

Joe Macmillian
VP of External Affairs

Tu Nguyen
VP of Events

Hunter Podlin
VP of Finance

Priya Sharma
VP of Mentors

Erika Lupuloff
Community Outreach Chair

Yash Tulsiani
Multimedia Chair

Catherine Seguin
Campus Outreach Chair

Connie Xie
Design Chair

Meghna Das
Logistics Chair

Erin Leavell
Sponsorship Chair

Anna Jung
Fundraising Chair

Sophia Guldberg
Recruitment Chair

Madeline Whitridge
Training Chair